Born 1973 London, England

Lives and works in London



Education:1993 - 1996: Camberwell School of Art, London




2017 'Redoubling', Torrance Art Museum, California

2014 'Boxing Mirrors', BoetzelaerNispen, Amsterdam

2013 'A Place That Exists', Laurent Delaye Gallery, London

2012 'Parrot and Grasshopper On A Treetrunk With No Handles',

BoetzelaerNispen, London

2008 'Warm Time Machine', Monika Bobinska Gallery, London

2007 'The Unemployed Prophet', CTRL Gallery, Houston

2006 'The Art of Dickies and Pollocks', Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles





'Unnaturel Vibers', Peter Lamb, Vicky Wright, John Bunker,
Micheal Stubbs, Dominic Beattie,
Unit 3 Gallery, London


'A Deceptive Cadence', Peter Lamb, Phil Frankland,
Vincent Hawkins.
Curated by Matthew Hearn, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

'Painting Playing The Game of... Painting', Peter Lamb, Phil Frankland.
Curated by Matthew Hearn. Campbell Works Gallery, London
Rare Collisions of Purpose, BoetzelaerNispen, Amsterdam
Peter Lamb and Stefan Sehler, Cosarhmt, Dussledorf



Unpainting/Resurfacing, UH Galleries, Hertfordshire University
Hundreds and Thousands, Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery, London
Autocatalytic Future Games, no format, London

Art Rotterdam, BoetzelaerNispen, Rotterdam

PIGDOGANDMONKEYFESTOS, Exeter Pheonix Gallery, Exeter



Kiko Presents, Campbell Works, London

Unseen Art Fair, BoetzelaerNispen, Amsterdam
Past Favourites Recent, BoetzelaerNispen, Amsterdam

Land Skipe, Jaus, Los Angeles


Art Paris, Laurent Delaye Gallery, Paris



RIFF/T, Baltic39, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Mythological Proportion, Laurent Delaye Gallery, London
London Utd, Kling and Bang, Reykjavik

Luscious Liquid of Equilibrium, Campbell Works, London

Slow is Smooth is Fast, BoetzelaerNispen, Amsterdam

The Masquerade: Be another, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London
I Rest My Case, Strezelski Galerie, Stuttgart



New Foragers, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London
Plus Art Projects at Mayors Parlour, Mayors Parlour Gallery, London
LayerPlayers, Strezelski Galerie, Stuttgart
The Snake That Ate Its Own Tail, Poriginal Gallery, Pori, Finland

Outside the Wizards Cuff, Artworkhouse Gallery, Abergavenny



The Perfect Nude, Wimbledon Space, Wimbledon University, London

Polemically Small, Charlie Smith Gallery, London

Polemically Small, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles

Although Rare They Do Exist, Zero10 Gallery, London

Civil Twilight, BoetzelaerNispen, London

Neon and Vinyl, Newcastle Space, London

Insurgencies, Angus Hughes, London

We Art, Strezelski Galerie, Stuttgart

The Perfect Crime, 4a Gallery, Malvern

By Chromed Hooves It Travels Now, Annie Wharton Gallery, Los Angeles



Ist Show, Strezelski Galerie, Stuttgart

Das vertraute Unvertraute,  Wurttembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart

Car Boot Fair, Brick Lane, London

501 UP, Zero10 Gallery, London

Tit For Tat, Whitechapel Gallery Project Space, London

Double or Quits,  335 Wick Road, London

PlusArtProjects, 278 Cambridge Heath Road, London

By Chromed Hooves It Travels Now, Russian Club Studios, London

Irregular Wasps, Tintype Gallery, London



PlusArtProjects, Bankside, London (featuring Damien Hirst, Anselm Kiefer)

MILL, Monika Bobinska Gallery, London

Paperview, John Jones Gallery, London

Viking Mountion Funeral, Celestial Projects, Brooklyn, New York

Neon and All Things Electric, PlusArtProjects, London

You Are More Beautiful Than A Butterfly, Gallery Turpentine, Reykjavik

Pulse Art Fair, New York, Monika Bobinska, London

The Macabre Masterpiece Of Terror, Monika Bobinska Gallery, London

Grotto, Museum 52, London



Ultrasonic International 3, Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles

Free Art Fair, London

Pier Pressure, Maverick Showroom, Red Church Street, London



Thames Mudlarks, Ctrl Gallery, Houston

Miami Aqua, Miami, Ctrl Gallery, Houston

07 Art Fair, London, Ctrl Gallery, Houston

Free Art Fair, London

Lady Holic, Rod Barton Invites, London

Borrow and Burn, Transition Gallery, London

Near Dark, Donna Beam Gallery, Las Vegas



Beauty and the Beast, Fieldgate Gallery, London

Every Debris, St Pauls Gallery, London

Frenzy, Metropole Galleries, Folkestone

Cold Climates, Living Arts Museum, Reykjavik

Broken Romanticism, Standpoint Gallery, London

Mimoid, Limehouse Arts Foundation, London



Do Not Ask Me Who I Am, St Pauls Gallery, London

More, Three Colts Gallery, London

Painting Unperfect, Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London

Cold Climates, Apt Gallery, London

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Seventeen Gallery, London



Caution Uneven Surfaces, TemporaryContemporary Gallery, London

Horizon of Expectation, Empire Gallery, London

Material Faith, Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles

The Agreement, Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles

Idol Fools, Three Colts Gallery, London

One Day, Gallery Corridor, Reykjavik

But Not As We Know It, Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles

Cold Climate, APT Gallery, London

Then (part 6 painting and sculpture/developments),

Phoenix Arts Organisation, Brighton



Pyramid Scheme Exhibition, Schopf Gallery, Chicago

Midas, Post Gallery, Los Angeles

Campaign, Unit 2 Gallery, London

Group Show, Flaca Gallery, London

But Not As We Know it, APT, London

Temporary Fiction, Transition Gallery, London

LA International, The Latch Gallery, Los Angeles

Intoxicant, Limehouse Arts Foundation, London

The Physical World, APT Gallery, London

The Stray Show, Kontainer Gallery, Chicago

Soho in Ottakring, Austrian Art Festival, Ottakring, Vienna

Miniature, touring show held at Raid Projects, Los Angeles and Kyubidou Gallery, Tokyo



The Stray Show, Raid Projects, Chicago

God is in the Detail, residency at Raid Projects Gallery, Los Angeles

Island (GIANT 2), SevenSeven Gallery, London

From Dusk Till Dawn, Greenwich University (as part of the 'Persistence

of Gothic conference')

Loco For Rococco, The Nunnery Gallery, London

Cross-Currents, Raid Projects, Los Angeles
Cross-Currents, MillerDurazo, Los Angeles
Cross-Currents, Deutsche Bank, London



GIANT, Three Mills Film and TV Studios, London

Gods country, LA International, MillerDurazo Gallery, Los Angeles

Just Short, Raid Projects, Los Angeles

Group Show, Kopavogs Art Museum, Kopavogs, Iceland




Spurgeon Experience 2, Raid Projects, Los Angeles

A Winters Tale, Wolverhampton City Art Gallery, Wolverhampton

Ark 2000, Dilston Grove, London

Wall Space, Millerdurazo Gallery, Los Angeles



Amex Group, Deutsche Bank, Iceland Air, The John Jones Collection, Roger Evans Collection, Pori Art Museum, Schloss Leinzell Collection